5 Alternative Christmas Tree Stands

A few years ago, Heather and I decided to ditch the traditional Christmas tree stand and replace it with something a little bit more contemporary.  We visited our local hardware store where we picked up a steel galvanized bucket and a bag of decorative landscape stones.  

In only a few minutes we had the tree in the bucket, stones around the trunk, and best of all - no bolts to mess with.  Here are five alternatives to consider for switching up your tree stand this Christmas.

1. Galvanized Steel Tub

2. Wooden Wine Barrel

3. Woven Basket

4. Wooden Soda Crate

5. Orchard Basket

A few extra things to pick up when you're getting your new Christmas tree stand : 

  • Pick up construction plastic or heavy duty garbage bags.  Since these are none traditional stands, they don't hold water as well.  Make sure you properly line your stand to prevent leaking.
  • Small plastic bucket : grab one of these to prevent leakage and to conserve watering.
  • Landscape stone : get a bag of decorative landscape stone to fill your stand and keep your tree in line.  These are only a couple of bucks at your local hardware store.