Our Story

// Welcome : There's something about Christmas that makes it the most wonderful time of the year.  Maybe it's the rush of holiday shopping, writing of greeting cards or the anticipation of a fresh blanket of snow.  For us, it's more than that.  It's spending time with friends, families and loved ones. Decorating the Christmas tree, hanging the wreath, sharing a meal with those in need and celebrating life with friends and family....  A few years ago my wife and I started making christmas wreaths to decorate our home and provide gifts to close friends and families.  We purchased a clamp wreath machine, and with a few sprigs of evergreen we began our journey.

// Locally Sourced : As we continued to create our centerpieces, one core principle emerged - make wreaths that stay green and fragrant. To achieve this, meant selecting the highest quality greens.  Over the years we developed partnerships with experienced local tree farmers in Pennsylvania. Farmers who know when to properly harvest greens to stay fresh and do not turn yellow.  This resulted in Christmas wreaths that stay fresh, full and fragrant throughout the entire Christmas season. We believe we have found the best Fraser Fir there is to offer.

// Handcrafted : Each wreath is handcrafted from the metal frame up.  We carefully select the right amount of greens, place them on the ring and secure them with our traditional clamp wreath machine. Our bows are also handmade - but it has not always been this way.  Out of frustration came the idea of using a non traditional bow for our wreaths. That meant ditching the plastic vevlet material and working with materials and designs that would both look great and function properly.  Our signature bows are made from local artisans or handcrafted right here in our workshop, utilizing natural, organic  and up-cycled materials.

// Handled with Care : It's important that our customers receive their wreaths in the same condition as they are in our shop. We carefully wrap each wreath in up-cycled burlap coffee bean bags.  Allowing for our wreaths to maintains form upon delivery and aiding in moisture control for the greens.  For convenience, all of our products are packaged carefully and shipped with care.

Have a blessed Christmas,

The Moon's