A Journey To Our Favorite Christmas Tree Farm

Last week I made the journey to our friends at Ecology III.  They have been our sole provider of fresh Fraser Fir greens for our Christmas Wreaths for the past 5 years. What's great about Ecology III is that they are a family owned and operated business.  I know the owners by name, and they always take the time to catch up, teach me something new and tell me what is in store for this season and the upcoming year :

  • This year, they took home a blue ribbon (again) from the Bloomsburg Fair for best decorated Christmas Wreath.  Beating out some nationally placed competitors. 
  • They have the tree balers and limos out for families when they arrive. This year they are even starting a few days before Thanksgiving, as families continue to arrive earlier each year.
  • As you can see from the gallery below, they have cleared several acres of land to prepare for 600+ new Fraser Fir trees to be planted next year. (Always looking to the future as these take 6+ years until they are ready to harvest)
  • The video below is a quick drive past their perfectly trimmed Douglas Fir.  A soft, longer needle that is also a favorite with their customers.  
  • And right before I left, we also inspected their plot of 3ft - 4ft Turkish Fir that will be ready in just a few short seasons.

Although it was a quick trip to Ecology III, I had a great time catching up, inspecting the Turkish Fir and learning about their upcoming planting.  I can't wait to see the seeding in the ground next season.